The End

We get obsessed with the end coming, keep guessing how it will happen and films just fuel this, TV shows do, until storylines are so firmly planted we’re waiting for planets and asteroids, comets, diseases to end us in our sleep.

We don’t know how it will happen, and the predictions are wrong mostly. The Bible says fire. It also says a woman should be silent in church, that the husband is the head of the wife, so I’m hedging my bets on The Road being right, I’m hoping for Melancholia.

The scenarios we don’t like, we ignore, we stop them showing up on our News Feeds and our Twitter Feeds and we pretend you can just cut out, cut off what you want. We can’t cope with all-consuming. We open our bug-out bags too early. Our attention spans are shot and you can blame The O.C. if you want, you can say it’s Eastenders. But focus has always been hard, for the best of us, and the rest, we’re just waiting to die.

It Was Always Going To Die When She Left

Jack says, “Now where am I going to go for my ‘Columbo based medical CSI type hourly drama’?” and it sounds like a question but it’s not one because he knows there will be a replacement, that’ll takes years to ingrain, sure but, eventually, the reruns will feel retro, of a better time, like listening to Bryan Adams duet with a Spice Girl or hearing the song Save Tonight and wondering what that guy’s name was.

But I felt the death coming, saw it, the second they announced she was leaving for another show, a somewhat less popular show, that she’d rather be in than this (perhaps she was a big Sex and the City fan?)

Recovering from Cameron was hard, because you can’t create chemistry, it just is, exists, like the asteroid belt or rings around planets or how forks fall to the floor then bounce when you drop them. Cuddy was impossible, and if you think about it, her going was like Joey leaving Dawson’s, Rachel leaving Friends, Marisa leaving The O.C. (okay, bad example), Summer leaving The O.C., Luke leaving Gilmore Girls before the shows were up, before those shows got canceled or whatever you call it when they stop something while it’s still popular? I guess, dying with dignity, euthanasia.

But Cuddy and House burned out like me paired with many people, because some of us equate catastrophe with love. And ending the show one season after a principle leaves and saying you’re stopping while the show’s still got something is what we call “denial”.