Antiphon (NaPoWriMo #22)

Forget rehearsal practice audition
I am lyric ready

You are established
like a previously owned company
granted freedom and consequently
a flag change
leadership shift
currency invention

Equivalent to a dollar
I spend you quicker than travellers’ cheques
travel money cards
double digit notes
M and S gift vouchers

I’ve got the coin change
which only means there’s more of you
crunching in my fists like sea stones
or blending ice
finely chopped
to thick liquid
ready to slurp
or nerve suck straight to brain freeze

This is your anthem


Erase (NaPoWriMo #11)

Is it movie cliché
that brains remember who we loved before war
prior to alien invasion?

Or is this fact
what we’ll face in 2064, 3018, when the world
is no longer ours?

Tom’s who you’d pick to convince
he was it, forgot
when they wiped every memory
with purse-size sanitizer

and any dream with a face like yours in it
he has
is epiphany

and in a past-life or this one
just, like, decades ago
you were together

and if he’d re-ring it
put another on it
you’d save the world and shit.
tom c