My Blurb for Nonplaced by Amy Ekins

“These poems have the obsessive quality of Jack Nicholson’s eyes. Intent on logging every detail, each page is a melancholic remembrance, or eulogy, a reminder that we can never really erase anybody. Ekins’ stored snippets are ghost pain, post-amputation, and we’re not ready to move on, or give in. And maybe we won’t be, like, ever.”

jackAmy Ekins is one of the 2013 winners of a Northern Writers’ Award New Poets Bursary. You can buy her pamphlet ‘Nonplaced’ on Amazon or Erbacce now. Her work is forthcoming in Issue 2 of Butcher’s Dog Magazine. Jack Nicholson still has eyes.


And if I want saving, remind me each salvation promise, the Santa revelation of it.

If there’s a man up for it, men, groups, who can wrought-iron melt or understand the strength in hair strands, then round them. Auction me for end points.

When you window seek me, imagine airbrushed portraits; you’ve never felt a leg horse-taut.

I’m the colour of the swallowed. Trepidation twelve year.