Yes/No (NaPoWriMo #10)

You’ve said no three times
and his slip move toward you
is a board game counter
hitting the exact squares
in sequence

You’ve said no to him
on uneventful days
date days, in kitchens
Morrison’s and bed

He listened when he chose
with you in agreeal

Not now though

You’ve said no and the take back
is a non-accept
hard to admit
like Piers Morgan
hacking voicemail

You change the code


I will feign expressions, impressions, emotions, complete your work and pay for dinner but I’ll never tell you truths and my father’s off limits and my eye sight’s a number I’m not near revealing and your dress size is a bet that I’d place if it doubled money or split it and I could create you. Instead I watch you squirm wishing I was the twitch, the instinct which moves you, instead of the air conditioning.