Katherine Heigl 2

I thought you’d look good with a gun, you’d hold one like it was ______, and you’d know exactly what to do. After two sessions training I saw you shoot someone’s heart three times, lying on your side, arms not particularly steady. But you nailed it. You’ve been a bridesmaid 27 times, you can really commit to something.


I had to cut her out of her last wedding dress with scissors, so…

Jack says, “Some shows change, aren’t the same after the second season, or the third, or whenever one of the principle leads leaves or dies.”

I start to list the TV I can think of this might apply to – no more so now than The Office, or One Tree Hill, or Grey’s.

“And after a while,” Jack says, “an extra season or two, the writers think we’ve forgotten the quitters, that we don’t notice Katherine Heigl on billboards in town, that we don’t know who Denny had a baby with. But we know, and we’re just watching the rest unravel, waiting for slip ups, mistakes with the dialogue, plot points completely wrong for the people involved. We’re waiting for Sandra Oh to be married off and not bolt.”