I Am The Only Perfect Choice

Unfortunately, you’re a late life revelation, like saturated fats are super bad and the Bible’s just a book. Seriously, an anthology, best bits, picked to make the most sense. Or, some, anyway.

Then, I learnt lessons, like:

#1 Don’t trust if he stands you upĀ &

#2 Limit the chances you give &

#3 Retrain your brain to think of something else &

#4 Choose to love another.

Self-help’s a worse religion, really, because it’s a course changer, convincing you better’s out there, diminishing neon to nothing. But with cliff burials, ground shifts, and coffins stick like Jenga bricks, diagonally. And you’re going to fix that shit eventually, whether you want to or not.

Past aside, because that’s patched if you ask me, a free-pass, all apologies out, what if we never met? Would that be best?

Because I am so in love with you right now. Sorry.

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