Ruin is a gift

She says, “Imagine your life, health aside. What do you see?” I don’t see anything and I bet, first time, even planned out, people have a problem hallucinating without the aid of expensive friends who acquire candy that makes the brain possible.

What I imagine isn’t sustainable. I would like to acquiesce, tell every person exactly what their decision is, retract the feedback option from the form on my head so everyone knows, I make decisions now. Dad says, “Stop asking me to do it for you,” and I tell him what I want, hoping the script people, the ones that make the words work, prove us as wrong as we are, as I know us to be.

Still, it’s tricky being told what you know. That walking out your life is easy. Just say, “I’m heading to the park or Starbucks; somewhere,” and reply back is, “O-K.” Only O-K. O-K, then.

People don’t like drama. They like TV, but real life? They’ve had their quota and their stomach’s gastric band full and they just want you to stop, now. They love you, but no.

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