7 Reasons You Could Buy My Book About Adele For $$$

Clarissa Explains Fuck All

In the least likely Public Service Announcement of all time, I’m here to give you all the good news (not Jesus or Tom Cruise related). I wrote a book about Adele! That’s right, the singer whose music video I slagged off many months ago. Adele doesn’t know who I am, but if she did, I’m sure she’d be super pleased that I’m her biographer. The book’s more guide book than biography, answering extremely important questions like “Who is Adele’s super fit bodyguard?” and “Is Adele a feminist?” I mean, your guess is as good as mine, buddy! But if you have any type of itchy or burning sensation nipping at your nether regions, you should probably buy my book. Plus, it’s only like £3.44 on Kindle, so you could buy a coffee instead (I would), but that’s so fucking cheap, just 1-Click, yeah?

The great thing about

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