You’d like to know what the truth is, to then tell it. Whether you would, you don’t know. Truth’s defrosting and, encased in ice or otherwise, it’s exactly the same, but until you chip it, people act like they can’t see through, but it’s water, yo.

This conflict, between what you want and should, what you’re meant, and disappointment thick like printer ink when the cartridge pops first, when you decide what you did 5 months ago, and you keep deciding, and it doesn’t disappear like you intended it. That.

If the truth’s so powerful then why does no-one believe it? Why does everyone think it’s some flimsy joke in a shaky set? It might even be horoscope time, buddy. What sign are you, friend? Like I don’t know.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 16.19.28

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