Between Two Markets

Your in between, almost decisions weren’t right in past lives and aren’t right now and Biblically speaking what you’ve done is technically unforgivable but named characters in those stories generally get out of binds, finding wise words at particular times, following despicable deeds, in shrubbery, so hang tight. Maybe you’re exceptional.

Jack asks for my definition of exceptional so I read him the dictionary one, Google “exceptional thesaurus”, after unthinkable synonyms, forgettable possibilities which wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the lists of other people, memories and links that John’s made, Jenny’s written down laws. And Jack’s not satisfied, wants the one word I can’t find, don’t have, and I tread the stalemate cautiously because my boots don’t have good grip on ice or spilled drinks, even though they’re a brand from a popular walking boot store. Some things are indescribable, impossible reviews, un-label-able, wordless. Synonym-less. Despicably shit but redeemable, seemingly, upon asking nicely at exactly the right time, to the right man in the correct sky with the proper literature under your belt.

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