You Are Everywhere I Am

I don’t believe a book can speak to you spiritually or that spirits speak through people or ghost hunts find anything other than poor insulation, old floors.

I can quote a handful of lines by other people, but couldn’t write vows or pick a Bible verse which wasn’t a cliche, which isn’t to say I’ve not got a working knowledge. It’s above average.

I have my ideas about the world ending. I formulated them after Back To The Future, Terminator, Tom Cruise movies. I keep marshmallows in case it’s fire. I’ve never camped but I could. Is it to late to take Scout badges, to join Girl Guides?

Soul mates are fiction and serendipity isn’t grounded scientifically and my money’s on Will Smith saving everything if the world goes, when it does. I’d give Brad Pitt a shot. I’d probably feed you to wolves if it might mean saving my arms.


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