You will want to do the right thing. You won’t know what the right thing is, how much you should hold back in any situation, because you learnt your adult lessons early and earned money for the family, lost, re-earned it. You’ll know there are secrets you don’t need to tell, people you can’t love. You might try to alter your feelings: some plastic bends and clothes with elastane in stretch over any figure and you once were any figure and now your tautness you tauten like guy ropes with tent pegs and brute strength, what little strength you’ve got. You grew up with Snow White, Cinderella, you are of a metamorphosing mentality, a somewhat unrealistic one.

And you could buckle to his weight, learn to fit somebody funnier than the people you’ve kissed, the men you’ve been playing for so far. You could even rewind to when you wore tracksuits sheets, and Lucas would worship you. There would be no hesitation. But there’s not rewind, there aren’t trials. Just two distinct roads, choices that are cheese slivers, and when you cut cheese with a cheese knife it never turns out like the pre-cut, ready-made, pre-packaged stuff, and there is no protective layer of plastic.

So you play the game not sure what the aim is or if there even is one or if Monopoly isn’t an exercise in ego and that’s why you win win win.


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