The Best Shot You Have

You will know when you know what you don’t want to. Until then you’ll believe feelings to be alterable with enough force or brainwashing, the way the church thinks gay is a decision, or that one man is infallible, how Madonna’s not aging even when she is. But none of these is right and one day will be proved incorrect – Pluto’s not a planet anymore, not one of consequence, and weather forecasts are rectified quickly like they never stood to exist anyway and blog posts deleted, statements retracted, actors replaced with people who look nothing like them.

When you do know what you must’ve known but buried like a cut up credit card in the garden hoping it would decompose like bodies and banana skins, there will be no smooth transitions, heartfelt break-ups. You’ll act like you would’ve in high school. But you knew when you started, the end. You will always ____ ____.

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