They Just Played a Miley Cyrus Song and Everyone Knew the Lyrics!

Jack judges books by covers, isn’t into movies if posters are altered, have the names of the actors above the wrong people. Says he won’t watch a show called Cougar Town, or Covert Affairs, and I still can’t make him watch Twilight.

“But you see Busy Philipps in her bra,” I tell him, “And she’s never looked better. I mean it. I watched Dawson’s Creek from the start and I like to imagine this is Audrey’s second life, and she landed on her feet, and she’s on fire even walking down the street, her one-shoed shame-walk is hot.”

Jack takes some convincing, so I compile clips, I bombard him. Because when you break it down a town’s a place people live and shop and eat and a cougar’s a puma, a mountain lion, a cat, or a panther, that’s dominant, and fierce, and more than capable of surviving this climate. And Laurie’s the friend you learn to love, the one that’s smart through her stupidity, who’s hopelessly in love and will try anything even if it ends in crushing defeat. And what’s not to like about that?

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