I Say Hell is Empty

Jack says , “One Tree Hill’s wrong about most things and generally I don’t trust TV philosophy, I’m not interested in theology if it’s out of the mouth of an actor, much less Jan I went to high school with who knows it all now, who really seems to, could quote entire passages from memory or make them up from scratch. Honestly, I wouldn’t tell the difference.”

“Isn’t that sort of disrespectful?” I ask him and Jack says, “No, I don’t think so. Respect’s earned anyway and if something’s not earned why should I labour for or over it?”

After the episode, the first in the final season, which happens to be the ninth, a landmark everyone agrees is worth hitting, completing, if you can’t make people stay for the tenth that is, which says something solid the way that teeth with fillings in are sort of rejuvenated or how Brad Pitt’s a different person since the nineties, Jack repeats lines of dialogue as if there’s a spiritual significance to them, like incanting any sentence might sometimes get results.

“Hell is empty,” he says, and I say each time, “I know, I know,” as consoling as I can be, then quiet so he doesn’t know I’m participating, and I need clarity just as much as the next, “All the devils are here.”






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