A Guide To Being Social

Jack says, “When my mum gets Facebook’s the day I leave,” and I ask, “Really?” because he’s changed his mind over less and Jack says, “Sure. Yes. I left home and her turning up on my profile and her finding the pictures of Andy would be tantamount to stalking. If there’s something she should know, she’ll know it.”

But I sort of thought something’s fair game once it’s out there, once it’s online it’s anyone’s. There are things I wouldn’t broadcast, and others I shouldn’t, but I like it being in this hemisphere, paddling in a chat room atmosphere, pretending bad things only happen offline, not on, but unfortunately, there’s darkness everywhere, and hindsight sheds light you don’t always want it to, and what someone once told you was normal or true is a hypocrite, is a youth group leader getting out the shower to a room full of students, or whatever the informal term is for a group of girls he runs Bible Study for, wearing only a towel.

You learn good things too, when you look back. But mostly it’s just shit.


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