Katherine Heigl

Jack says, “I heard that she hated making that movie, but she was in it anyway, she kind of had to be, because once you start something it’s really hard to stop.”

“Really?” I ask him. “Because I’ve quit jobs, stopped books after the first sentence, changed my mind ten seconds into relationships.”

“I was talking addictions,” he replies, “and caffeine, drink, smoking are all pretty hard to quit.” I don’t think it’s the same but don’t say because everything’s futile anyway, and you should make conversation easy wherever possible because conflict is fucking dull.

“Still, I like it,” he says. “She’s not very funny in it, but she’s not meant to be.”

“Right,” I tell him. “She’s playing the straight, making the men look good, the main purpose of most women in any comedy that’s not a rom-com. She seems serious so the men make jokes, be fools, act like kids to get laughs leaving her looking stuck up, obsessed, incensed, unapproachable. And funny women do this shtick so much, too often: Katie Holmes in Jack and Jill, Rashida Jones in I Love You Man, Elizabeth Banks in Role Models.”

“Good examples,” Jack replies, “Great movies. Do you think Katherine Heigl’s funny? Do you ever see her naked?”



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